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Retirement Planning Seminar

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  •   Date: Thursday, 21 November 2024
  •   Registration: Thursday, 21 November 2024 09:30
  •   Start: Thursday, 21 November 2024 09:45
  •   End: Thursday, 21 November 2024 14:30
  •   Location: Inish Mor Suite, The Connacht Hotel Galway City, Dublin Road, Galway City, Galway, Galway, Formerly Carlton Hotel


We have designed this seminar to ensure you are fully prepared for a secure retirement.  
**Please note this FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE if you wish to cancel.**
  • Thursday, 21 November 2024

  • 09:30
  • 09:45
    Welcome and Introduction The seminar facilitator will introduce the speakers to you and briefly explain the topics being covered throughout the day.
  • 10:30
    Superannuation explained This session will provide you with a clear understanding of: - How pension entitlements are calculated - What service and benefits are included in the calculations
  • 11:00
    - When a full pension is available - The benefits of remaining in the scheme after this date
  • 11:15
    -The calculation of the lump sum, the deductions that will be taken from it and when it will be paid - What arrangements are made for a spouse/partner in the event of the death of the member.
  • 11:30
    Options for increasing your retirement benefits Following on from the Superannuation session, this session examines the various other options open to members who already have or wish to make extra provision for retirement through
  • 11:35
    AVCs, Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs), savings plans, etc. It compares and contrasts the various advantages of the different options available in both the private and the Public Sector (e.g. the Purchase of Notional Service Scheme).
  • 12:30
    Planning your finances in retirement Ensuring you have a solid plan in place to provide you with financial security in your retirement is vital. This session will deal with investing your gratuity and other lump sums wisely and what
  • 12:45
    to do about any surplus income you may have in retirement. The various options on the market will be highlighted and information provided on matching your investment choices to your
  • 12:50
    own individual requirements such as your investment goals, investment time frame, attitude to investment ‘risk/reward’, etc.
  • 13:00
    Tea/Coffee and Sandwiches
  • 13:30
    Personal taxation This session will address, in straightforward and practical terms, the basic taxation issues which members face when handling their tax affairs. It will also cover the tax issues that need to be
  • 13:45
    addressed when a person “changes job” or moves on to a pension. It will outline the benefits of making regular tax returns. It will also detail the various ways in which you could save a
  • 13:55
    substantial amount of money by legitimately claiming for tax credits, allowances and reliefs now and in retirement in areas such as medical expenses, caring for a dependent relative, etc.
  • 14:00
    Budgeting and money saving tips Making the most of your income leading up to retirement and in retirement itself is very
  • 14:10
    important. This session will provide some practical ways of saving money on your regular expenses such as health insurance, life cover, utility costs and even as far as holidays and weekend breaks.
  • 14:15
    Questions and Answers
  • 14:30
  •   Location: Inish Mor Suite, The Connacht Hotel Galway City, Dublin Road, Galway City, Galway, Galway, Formerly Carlton Hotel
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