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ONLINE - Understanding Epilepsy for Nurses and Midwives


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  •   Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2024
  •   Registration: Tuesday, 17 September 2024 09:55
  •   Start: Tuesday, 17 September 2024 10:00
  •   End: Tuesday, 17 September 2024 13:00
  •   Location: The Education Room, Online Webinar


Epilepsy is a chronic disease that affects 1% of the population and can be associated with significant physical and psychosocial sequelae. A person with epilepsy often has comorbid conditions and must carefully manage their epilepsy and comorbid diseases, as well as navigate how their life is affected by their diseases.  The management of patients with complex medical conditions, including epilepsy, is increasingly been overseen by nurses. Nurses who are not specialists in epilepsy can play a central role in providing optimal care, education, and support to their patients with epilepsy, given the proper tools. This course will provide a foundation on which to build increasing knowledge epilepsy and care of the patient.   
Programme outcomes:
Exhibit an accurate knowledge of epilepsy, its classification and seizure semiology.
Discuss treatment options both pharmacological and non-pharmacological.
Display an awareness of seizure triggers, lifestyle and safety issues relevant to a person with epilepsy.
Demonstrate seizure first aid and management, when to administer emergency medication (buccal midazolam).
Note:  On completion of this course a certificate of attendance in a digital form and will be sent by email to each participant.  Please note places are limited and must be booked in advance; you need a reliable computer and internet access and please ensure a correct email is provided when registering.
  • Tuesday, 17 September 2024

  • 09:55
  • 10:00
  • 13:00
  •   Location: The Education Room, Online Webinar
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