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ECG Interpretation


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  •   Date: Wednesday, 02 October 2019
  •   Registration: Wednesday, 02 October 2019 09:15
  •   Start: Wednesday, 02 October 2019 09:30
  •   End: Wednesday, 02 October 2019 16:15
  •   Location: The Richmond Education and Event Centre, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7


This education programme enhances knowledge of cardiac electrophysiology. It will provide participants with knowledge of cardiac rhythms, rhythm analysis and Electrocardiography (ECG) interpretation. The programme will explore monitoring for arrhythmias and such topics as sinus rhythm, sinus bradycardia, atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation and Av block among others. The interpretation of P Wave, QRS Complex, ST Segment, T Wave and the identification of abnormal features will also be covered.  The 3 lead, 5 lead and 12 lead ECG will be explained and illustrated with examples. Lead placement and position will be explored, as well as how to systematically read an ECG.
Please note this study day may either be a follow on from a previous study day titled "Nursing the Cardiac Patient" or a stand alone day.
  • Wednesday, 02 October 2019

  • 09:15
  • 09:30
    Introduction and Identification of Personal Learning Objectives
  • 09:50
    Revision of Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
  • 10:00
    Introduction to Cardiac Monitoring
  • 11:00
    Tea / Coffee
  • 11:30
    Cardiac Rhythms
  • 12:30
    Rhythm Analysis Workshop
  • 13:15
  • 14:00
    Introduction to 12L ECG (Acute Coronary Syndrome)
  • 15:15
    ECG Workshop
  • 16:00
    Questions and Evaluation
  • 16:15
  •   Location: The Richmond Education and Event Centre, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7
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For access to any of the references below, please contact the library. e:, t: 01 6640614

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